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Flynn Feeds


Flynn Feeds

Flynn Feeds are committed to the production of superior quality feeds using only the highest quality ingredients. We take pride in using the best available ingredients to produce both cost effective and quality feeds.

We support local farmers by using home grown cereals in the manufacture of our products. We believe in having cereals as our main ingredient, Barley, Wheat and Rolled Maize provide a high quality source of energy in the form of starch. Citrus Pulp is used as a valuable source of energy and highly digestible fibre. High quality protein ingredients are used such as Soya Bean meal and Rape Pellets.

Cereal by – products such as Maize Gluten and Distillers Grains are used as cost effective sources of energy and protein along with molasses to make our feeds highly palatable which in turn guarantees maximum intake and performance. Flynn Feeds manufacture a range of Beef - Dairy - Sheep feeds that offer the farmer; Increased Performance, Full Traceability, Good stock health and fertility, and Exceptional value for money. We also manufacture balancer rations and farmers own formulations or blends.

Flynn Feeds, The Downs, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath

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